Located on the roof of the shopping district Docks Bruxsel, the exceptional venue completely revolutionizes the approach of events. Its atmosphere is favorable to moments of fun and conviviality. This building distinguishes itself from others by its unique style and innovative design, which makes it one of the most attractive event spaces on the market today.

With its 3000m² of surface with 3 modular zones (a, b, c) and its capacity to accommodate from 150 till 1400 people, Docks Dome is perfect for meetings, seminars, conferences, presentations, cocktail evenings, walking dinners, balls, projections, concerts, private events, …

Resolutely modern, the space surrounded by a zinc envelope offers incredible natural lighting provided by its large bay windows. Its terraces, bordered by a lattice, offer a breathtaking view of Brussels. Inside, the walls are covered with beautiful night blue hangings, and the space can be adjusted in two or three parts according to the configuration chosen for the event.

On the banks of the canal near Pont Van Praet, Docks Dome is ideally situated and accessible by all kinds of transports: by train, tram, bus, bike, car and by foot.

Always present and available to help you, a team of professionals will guide you in the realization of your ideas and will give you advices when planning the space.

An underground public parking of 1700 places is also available.



> 3000 m2 of event space
> A large venue that can be adjusted in 3 units (a,b,c)
> 2 panoramic terraces of 1500m2 in total
> Possibility to have daylight in the venue
> Modern design architecture
> Spacious venue with no inconvenient pillars
> Night blue velvet mobile draping
> Preferred caterers list
> Available for 150 to 1400 guests
> Basic Technical kit available (light, sound, video)
> 150 hotel chairs + connectors included in the offer
> 800 hangers available in the cloakroom
> High voltage electrical power
> Ceiling attachment points
> 10 meters high ceilings
> Concrete floors
> Loading bay with access for trucks
> Professional team at your service
> Public Parking with 1700 places available
> Direct access by elevators to the venue
> Easy access by car: Exit 21 on the Brussels Ringway (R0)
> Easy access by public transport:
– Schaerbeek railway station
– Trams 3 and 7
– Bus 47, 57, 58

Practical Information

  • Parking
  • Technical Equipment
  • Sound Restriction
  • Staff & Support
  • Catering
  • Security
  • Environment Responsability
  • Partnerships
  • Accessibility

A car park of 1700 places is available in the basement of the building. You can access it via Lambermont n°1 and Quai des Usines n°158. For trucks and semi-trailers, a loading area is located below Docks Bruxsel.

A Goods lift which can content a car is also available.
Perfect for your Car Launch !

Underground car park:
> Lambermont Boulevard, 1
> Quai des Usines, 163

Loading/Unloading area:
> Quai des Usines, 163

The Docks Dome is equipped with a full sound, light and video package, equipped by ADC :

  • Sound : Front of house Line Array sound reinforcement and mid venue delays ; digital mix board and 02 wireless UHF mikes.
  • Light : 70 LED moving lights either Wash and Spot are rigged in the ceiling to uplight the stage and to create the ambient light of the venue. In case of seated dinner, the projectors can be programmed as you wish to light up individually each table.
  • Video : a panoramic screen (14 x 5.5 M) and a powerful 30.000 ansi lumen projector are behind the stage. The existing data/video processor gives the opportunity to project a background picture and 2 inserts (Picture in Picture) simultaneously.

In this package, the services of a technician during the entire event are included.

Party all night long without disturbing the neighbourhood. Naturally, the maximum sound level of 90 dB must be respected.

If you have any hesitation concerning a partner or a particular service, do not hesitate to contact us.

We have selected for you a list of caterers who are used to work in our event spaces. Nevertheless if you wish to work with a caterer not included on this list, please contact us. We do not have a kitchen but there is a special space for your caterer where we can provide water and electricity. It is advisable to work with an event caterer.

Docks Dome pays close attention to security: a security policy with high standards has been put in place. Risk management is our top priority. We provide you the best security services available on the market as well as services such as:

  • well-trained, properly briefed and conscientious security officers
  • a night guarding system to protect your equipment
  • the development of a safety plan for your event
  • installation of safety gates, use of magnetometers, cameras
  • supervision and control of each gateway

Our main concern is to sublimate your event so that you and your guests will have an unforgettable memory.

BREEAM-certified (« Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method »), Docks Dome’s and Docks Bruxsel’s building is exclusively made of sustainable material and works in an innovative way, ensuring their help in protecting natural resources and enhancing its guests’ well-being.

Here are some examples of what constructors installed when building Docks Dome and Docks Bruxsel:

  • Rainwater infiltration system
  • 4500 m²  solar panels
  • 100% natural ventilation system

Docks Dome wants to promote eco-friendly events. That’s why you can ask our team for our list of favorite caterers. They recycle waste, reduce garbage, give preference to local organic food and use plastic-free cutlery.

For some events, partnerships are possible and planned between Docks Dome, Docks Bruxsel and all its traders.

Such as:

  • White Cinema, a magnificent design cinema with 1,150 seats set up by Belga Films
  • Koezio, an indoor team adventure course unlike anything seen before in Belgium. The principle: as a team, complete the physical and intellectual tests for maximum sensations
  • It’s possible to use the shopping district for a part of your event!

7 different kinds of transports can get you to Docks Dome: bus, tram, train, bicycle, car, boat, walk.

Some facilities:

  • Two specific stops at Docks Bruxsel serve trams (3 and 7) and buses (58 and 47)
  • For cyclists: Villo station with 40 pitches and parking for 225 bicycles. From the city center, Docks Dome can be reached in 20 min by bike.
  • For drivers: 1700 parking spaces in the basement of the building. Docks Dome is 10 minutes away from Brussels center, and 30 minutes away from Antwerp, Mechelen, Aalst, Waterloo and Leuven. It is easily accessible with the Ring 21.
  • For suppliers: a loading area is accessible for trucks and semi-trailers, as well as an good lift that can contain a car.


Do you provide parking spaces?

There is an underground public parking of 1700 parking lots. Reservations are possible depending on availibilities. Please ask for an offer.

What is the renting fee of the venue?

It all depends on the type of event you want to organize, the number of people invited, and the space you will use. The best thing to do would be to send us an e-mail with a detailed description of your event. We will send you an offer as soon as possible.

What is the capacity of the venue?

Docks Dome can accommodate from 150 to 1400 people. As the venue has a hall, a reception area, 3 modular zones (a, b, c) and 2 panoramic terraces, we can arrange the space according to your ideas.

Can I bring my own caterer?

Obviously! It is however preferable to work with an event catering because we do not have an equipped kitchen. We have special space for your caterer where we can provide water and electricity. Your caterer may contact us on the following address: for more information. Do not hesitate to contact our team if you need help choosing the most appropriate caterer for your event!


Is there any furniture available at the venue?

Furniture is already included in the price of the rental, including 150 hotel chairs with connectors. Do not hesitate to ask us for our furniture brochure if you’d like to rent high tables, a lounge corner… We are also equipped with 800 hangers in the cloakroom.

Can I take an option on the date I prefer?

Of course ! If you are not sure about the date of your event, you can place an option for free. It will automatically last 3 weeks.

Is Docks Dome easily accessible?

> Trams 3 and 7, Busses 58 and 47 arrive at Docks Bruxsel
> For cyclists: Villo station with 40 pitches and parking for 225 bicycles. From the city center, Docks Dome can be reached in 20 min by bike.
> For drivers: 1700 parking places in the basement of the building. Docks Dome is 10 minutes away from downtown Brussels, and 30 minutes away from Antwerp, Mechelen, Aalst, Waterloo and Leuven. It is easily accessible with the Ring 21.

Do I have to provide my own insurance?

Whether you are a company, an event agency, or just an individual who wants to organize an event, you must have a Organizer Civil Liability.