The ideal reception hall for your event at Docks Dome!

This 300m² beautiful reception hall of the Docks Dome has plenty to offer for your event. You can let your imagination go for with receptions, walking dinners, lounges, projection of your logo, dressing rooms Another beautiful touch are the gigantic windows at both sides where you can enjoy a beautiful view of Brussels and the gardens of Laeken.

The first part of your event is also an important part of it. The first impression your guest get is when they walk into the reception hall. That’s why at Docks Dome we are proud to give you exactly what you need for an unforgettable reception! This room of 300m² has a welcome desk with cloak rooms, where you can place a badge wall or project the logo of your company for a good visibility of your brand. Walking through this reception hall, you will walk in a L-form space, where everything is possible. Your guest would walk in by the front terrace in the reception hall with a contemporary OSB-design. Thanks to its spare room you can have a reception with lounge or a walking dinner for example. Another great touch is the fact that in front of the doors that would bring you to the main event hall, you can place some furniture an project something on the door. This is idealistic for when you would like to split the main hall in three or four separate rooms. At each entrance, you can then have another theme. The hallway to the main room has two different sides. One white side with all doors to the main hall and another side with black walls. These black part stands for the utility rooms. Here you will find the manager bureau, the toilets, the catering room and others. Thanks to the gigantic windows at the beginning and the end of this hallway you will get a beautiful natural light and an impressive view on the city of Brussels and the gardens of Laeken.

The reception hall of Docks Dome will give your guest an unforgettable reception thanks to its greatness and contemporary beauty!