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Connections, the 100% Belgian travel agency, introduced us to one of the most beautiful cultures in the world, the Asian culture got presented in the Docks Dome.

After the huge success of “Ameri-Can Day” in 2017, Connections and the Docks Dome once again gathered their strengths for promoting another continent.

The venue perfectly decorated in an Asian fashion, from floral decoration to maki’s creative workshops, the Docks Dome has once again confirmed its great possibilities.

“We could believe it” is one of the most heard phrases in the hall among the 1400 visitors.

Enclosed with the traditional clothing and the gorgeous geishas, who devote their lives to the refined artistic practice of traditional Japanese arts, Connections kept its promises.

A strong program allowed the visitors to discover the Asian culture, all this because of the presence of various workshops. Along the numerous workshops, several speakers reported there amazing travel stories. Speakers such as Nicolas Wauters (photographer living in Tokyo) and Tom van De Weghe (international correspondent at the VRT) and many more where happy share their Asian wander experiences.

With its 3000m² of flexible space and its capacity to accommodate 1400 people, Docks Dome used its many benefits to recreate an Asian world as realistic as possible to attract Connections’s customers.