Docks Dome had the honor of welcoming the famous company SBS Belgium during its annual presentation.

The Dome has been transformed into a giant festival with more than 600 people gathered in a relaxed and festive atmosphere. Guests could already enjoy the friendly atmosphere in the car park of the site with DJs posted at the entrance. As well as in the reception hall, where the crowd lined up behind gates to pick up their festival bracelets and enter the arena. We even heard that the elevators were turned into a disco!

The main hall has been transformed into a concert stage. The walls were adorned with banners; the lights projected bright colors and of course the music was there to motivate the audience. On the sides of the room, food-truck & bars allowed the guests to eat.

The evening was hosted by famous presenters of the program “Call boy”, who promoted the new programs of the SBS (series, sport, documentary…) with as guests many personalities such as Gert Verhulst, Gilles De Coster, Erik Van Looy, James Cooke, Wim Opbrouck, Annelien Coorevits, Karen Damen, Goedele Liekens…

The reception ended with several choreographies from the program “Danse avec les stars”. At the exit, the guests were offered t-shirts, sweaters, bags… with the effigy of their preferred programs.

Docks Dome knew thanks to its surface and its 3000m² to make this event an unforgettable moment with the image of a festival.