In mid-July, Docks Dome hosted Propel for a presentation of their new line of Star Wars drones.


The drones shown at the event were essentially evolved versions of those presented in late 2016. The collection is composed of three small quadcopters that can fly indoors or in your backyard, parks, parking etc.


To present the drones, Brussels Docks Dome accommodated for Propel a great environment divided in four dedicated rooms: Technology, App, Q&A, and Battle. Around 250 people were present, mainly press, influencers, bloggers and YouTubers. People were divided into four groups for a closer experience with the product, and also to get in touch with Propel staff. In the end, everybody keen to try a drone or the simulator was invited to play with it at least once.


It was important to show how easy their products fly and how anyone without background could enjoy the experience of driving a drone. Most of the attending people didn’t have any piloting background and still did well.


The event started with a one-hour presentation of the product by Propel’s CEO Darren Matloff and his Chief Pilot. There were food and beverage stations for those who burned too much energy.


After the dedicated sessions, the most capable competitors in the Battle room continued in a series of classifying rounds up to the final.