What does a private party at Docks Dome look like? It depends on your taste in terms of decoration and your budget.

Our exceptional site offers you many possibilities, and in case you lack ideas, event agencies will help you to develop your imagination!


After a wonderful private party at Docks Dome organized by Panache Events, here are some details on their successful decor!


For this evening, an atmosphere of dark purple was created by the strings of coloured lights crisscrossing the room. The spotlights were reflected by huge faceted balls (held by Bar d’une Soir) hanging above the bar. An idea that reminds the style of Studio 54 nights: madness.


The beautiful blue night hangings of Docks Dome were also well used for the design of the evening. They have been combined with bright golden decorations in the room, on the dining tables and on the terrace, with an impressive gold bar matching the high chairs, also gilded.


The blue was also present in the 60’s style relaxation area marked by the presence of dark blue sofas! These, joined with green plants, correspond perfectly to the violet atmosphere of the room.


The guests had at their disposal a bar on the beautiful terrace, accompanied by lounge sofas where they could sip delicious cocktails. After that, a chic and refined dinner. On this point, let’s mention the caterer Great who did a remarkable job.

Finally, a dance party with gogo dancers and a fire show that made the guests warmer than the embers.



See you soon for more event ideas!