New location for hire not to miss in Brussels: Docks Dome !

The new brand new location for hire in Brussels, the Docks Dome is perfect for all kinds of events. Thanks to its nearly complete package you will have to worry about almost nothing else when you hire this place! This exceptional event venue Docks Dome with its panoramic terraces offers an incredible view on the north quarter and the park of the royal palace and the city of Brussels. Next to that there is a big event hall, all the needed utilities and more. This 3000 m² place to hire has a lot to offer!

The Docks Dome almost answers every question you have when you want to hire a space for you event. At first it has an easy access with public transport. You can also easily reach the Docks Dome with by car thanks to the Ring 21 and the 1700 parking spaces.

At the entrance of this place to hire your guest will come in by the front terrace to the reception hall. This room has a welcome desk with cloak rooms, where you can place a badge wall and some space for a lounge. The hallway to the main room has two different sides. One white side with all doors to the main hall and another side with black walls. These black parts stand for the utility rooms and are also available when you hire the space. Here you will find the manager bureau, the toilets, the catering room and others. We can provide you with a list of 12 caterers who are used to work with us and know the venue perfectly.

Thanks to the efforts they made, the location also has obtained the BREEAM certificate of excellence.

The actual even hall is on the other side with several doors to access this one. Included in the hire you have a basic technical packet delivered by ADC Production with sound, audio and lightning. You can use the podium with a screen of 14 meters on 5,5 meters, with projector. There will always be a manager on site during your event to make sure everything goes well during your event. Next to all that we also offer you in the hire of the location 150 ‘hotel’ chairs with connector. In case you would need more furniture we can help you with our brochure.

We made sure you would have everything you need when you hire this place! We wanted to make sure you would almost have nothing to worry about.