Here’s why you should pick Docks Dome for your next banquet Hall

To choose the perfect venue is crucial for any event, but Docks Dome is here to reassure you that you won’t have to worry about this task any more. So stop your research, you have found the perfect place for your next banquet hall you are planning to have in Brussels! Docks Dome is the place that will make any event of yours never-to- be-forgotten.

If a banquet hall is what you’re considering to host, the Docks Dome is the place to pick. Whether it’s for a party, a wedding, or any other form of reception or social event, we sure do know how to manage to meet your needs.

We pride ourselves on offering the perfect venue for creating memorable events, casual or formal, small or large. We know there are many factors that make an event go from good to great, and the place where all of it happens is one of them.

Docks Dome is a one of a kind hall that can welcome up to 900 people, thanks to its 3000m2 surface that you can customize according to your liking in 3 areas.

The hall itself is easily accessible in the city through public transport, but we also offer a huge underground parking lot that can holds up to 1700 cars.

Its unique style and modern architecture will certainly not leave you indifferent. Spacious and luminous, with a wide terrace that offers a breathtaking view on Brussels, you can let your imagination flow and conceive the banquet hall of your dreams, as wild as they can be!

We are free of all suppliers and offer you the possibility to organize your very own banquet hall independently. But we understand that that could sometimes be overwhelming, so for that reason, we have a professional team available to guide you through your ideas and ensure you are having the perfect banquet hall.

We have the adapted furniture for the occasion that is included in the rental price; from tables and chairs to buffet tables and decorative items, you name it!

Do not hesitate to ask for our furniture brochure to navigate through the choices we have.

You also want to amaze your guests by the sound system, lights, and video projector? Please contact ADC Production for all you requests.

So what are you waiting for to contact us?

If you are still uncertain about the date choice, you have the possibility to place option for free in our agenda, which would automatically last for 3 weeks. You can always reach out to us if you ever want to physically visit the hall.

We work hard to provide outstanding service; through our friendly staff to our picturesque hall, Docks Dome is here to set the atmosphere for an event to be remembered.