Docks Dome is the new generation of hall for hire!

When beginning your research as to where the perfect entertainment venue would be for your corporate event, our event hall should be clearly at the top of that list. So why rent this event hall for hire?

With more than 3000 squared meters the event hall offers infinite space with massive light exposure at all time of the day creating the perfect venue to be hired all year round. Furthermore, the ability to adapt and change the spaces to any type of event allows Docks Dome to focus on tailoring the personal experience for any corporate clients or event agencies.

Powered high technical lighting can turn the hall into a complete light show specialised into anything that suits the theme or ideas of the hosts with the help and support of our professional partner, ADC Production. Together the potential can be as big as anything we ever done, check the photos online to get an idea of past ideas.

With the ability to host 1400 standing people, engaging guests and occupying various spaces is easy. Allowing different ideas to flourish thanks to the 3 modular zones (a, b, c) and its capacity to accommodate all various forms of design, from seminars, conferences, presentations, cocktail evenings, walking dinners, product launches and even private concerts.

Based on the banks of the Willebroek canal, the recently opened venue is easily accessible due to the access from the tram, bus, bike, car and of course by foot. However, the ability to also obtain parking is very much possible due to the underground parking offering 1700 spaces.

Finally, our venue is a renowned complex with the ability to create a large reach of exposure to all those who would like to use the main shopping district as an opportunity to promote their product or event. Engaging the public and employing Docks Bruxsel shopping district to push the exposure allows new possibilities and promises to be beneficial.