Encouraging prospects for the association Asbl Ngangi, carrier of an admirable project


“The brain only still remembers of two things about an event: the emotional peak and the end.”

We assert you that after this occasion, theses two memories remain present in people’s mind!

We vibrated with the public for the Asbl Ngangi gala evening which took place at the Docks Dome. This remarkable event was aimed at raise funds to pay study grants to students living in Goma, Democratic Republic of the Congo. An action among many other organized by the association, in Belgium to fight unemployment in Goma and provide a better future.

It was an event of consequent scale for the Asbl Ngangi, which has spared no effort throughout this evening. More than the decoration, or even the dinner, it’s the ambience which made the difference. An incredible frenzy has seized tho whole room when the show started.

And, it comes as no surprise that the participants showed themselves receptive to this fundraising. The large majority are themselves students.

There were approximately 900 people ready to join this cause. This strong interest for the event permitted to deploy desperate measures: catering, entertainment, decoration. This amazing production was immortalized by Julien Bouillot, who has done the photographs. He perfectly transcribed the excitement of those moments.

The caterer Rocket faced to a great test this night: ensure a waiter service for 400 people. A performance which has been highly satisfactory on two points, a perfect work and carefully prepared dishes.

The Docks Dome with its 3000 meters square and its modern style, comply with all your events. This exclusive place proves a large outer space (two panoramic terraces) as well as a high electric power. Inevitably, you’ll fall under the spell of its design. And if you finally had what you were looking for?