For more than 20 years, Fast Retail has developed as an agency specializing in communication in distribution networks.

In addition, this agency makes very good decisions such as having chosen the Docks Dome to organize its annual event. On the program: a conference with quizzes, a meal concocted by the caterer Grimod and to close the event, the guests were able to enjoy a dance party.

The spaces were organized in two zones. The first zone welcomed 650 people in a theatrical environment. Our blackbox in addition to light games has just fill the guests.

The second area was the caterer, and the party “dance party” of the event. The setting up of the light of a green color, tonic and embodying the vitality was able to set the tone of the evening.

Added to this is a floral decoration and amber colored LED lamps that have created the atmosphere expected by the organizers.

The team Docks Dome is always present and available to help you and advise you in your efforts and your desires. At events with a large number of guests, a public underground car park of 1700 places are also available.