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Good morning, campaign planners! Here we go again with another article dealing with marketing and communication. Today’s topic focuses on the strategies to achieve the best product launch campaign. But first, what’s that? A product launch campaign is the key to your new product’s success. It’s goal is to let people know your item’s killer features to make sure they’re going to buy it. Writing down (and following!) a perfect action plan can remarkably boost your sales and step your launch campaign game up. It is a crucial passage when it comes to marketing strategy, so let’s dive into it!

Plan in advance

Learn not to procrastinate!

Grasp the nettle and take enough time to plan a perfect marketing strategy. It doesn’t make any sense to spend energies (and money) designing your product and then put the launch strategy off, facing it just in the last few days before the actual product launch, making important decisions at a drop of a hat. This would waste all the previous efforts, nullifying your product’s potential. If you’re a professional procrastinator, you got to work on it, that the way the cookie crumbles. Let’s think: why are you putting that off? What do you fear?

These could seem stupid questions, but sometimes they can help you in solving the problem. Once fixed the issue, you’ll be halfway through. The next step is actually planning all the passages you will be following to achieve your final goal.
Dream, PLAN, realize.

Exploit emotions

Emotions let people buy. Find the best way to make your product “emotional”. Try to underline the benefits he could bring or the problems he could fix.

By doing so, you’re offering your customers a purpose, a reason to buy your product. They won’t just buy it because they like it, but also because they need it (or, at least, they think they could need it). This will lead to a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction, making the purchaser happy.

Another way to let your product be emotional is reminiscing about old memories. Reminding people of their good old days, their first relationship, their first love, the song they used to listen when they were young… Believe it or not, that’s one of the best techniques you can use when it comes to be emotional. Needless to say, it goes hand in glove with the audience you’re referring to. It’s up to you, let your creativity run wild and surprise them.

Build hype

People should dream your product, they should feel lucky, cool, special because of it. Just think of the brand-new iPhones and the queue outside the Apple Store. Now, if you have a brand-new supercharged phone that will shock the world, please let me know, I’ll give you my contact.

Otherwise, I warn you, it will be a difficult challenge. Wait, I wrote “difficult”, not “impossible”, but it won’t happen out of the blue, you got to work your fingers to the bone. If you manage to build enough hype around your product (I mean, A LOT of hype), it will go sold out, no question about that.

Selling just few pieces and letting people know only 80% of your product’s features (or design) are two ready-to-go techniques, used by the main market leaders brands, but you can definitely use your imagination and inspiration. In short, you got to go with your gut. You could become a trend setter, why not!


This point goes hand in hand with the third one. Once you’ve built enough hype, people should be ready to fight each other to have your product. Set up a pre-order list with a forthcoming deadline and let them feel unique. Your goal here is to sell as many pieces as possible and, in the best-case scenario, to go sold out even before the actual sale starts. This will make your product look amazing just because a lot of people bought it.

It’s not a secret that many brands fake a ‘out of stock’ or sell very few items in order to accomplish this result. It’s marketing and, as the ‘Guns N’ Roses’ used to sing, welcome to the jungle. Pre orders can make up to one fourth of your product’s total sales, never forget them!


There are infinite ways of advertisements. Photos, videos, flyers, street art… A lot of options which can be exploited and a bunch of marketing techniques which can be used. Ever heard of ‘Guerilla Marketing’ ?

A strong, harsh, powerful message which bases its strong suit around the ‘unconventional’ and, usually, the ‘low cost’ budget. This strategy’s goal is to shock people’s mind with a visual effect (generally), causing an incredible word of mouth, also known as ‘FREE POWERFUL ADVERTISING’. Easier said than done, but that could be one of the funniest steps of the game, so be creative and go viral! Well, there’s another key point to tackle. In today’s society, video advertising is what works best. Why?

Because in 2020 people have no intention to read long and complex messages! (That’s also the explanation of guerilla marketing’s power, making it one of the most used marketing techniques when it comes to advertisements). A nice, professional, targeted video will step your game up. Work on it and on the message, it will spread around the internet. So let’s go videomakers, it’s up to you!


There are three main traits to take into consideration when it comes to public figures: niche, engagement and reputation. Be sure that the interests of your influencer’s followers actually fit your product.

In short, if you’re selling the best Irish sirloin on the market there’s (generally) no clue in collaborating with a vegan promoter. Second step: take a look at his/her engagement rate. Well, what’s that? Social medias’ engagement ‘refers to one’s degree of social involvement in the community as defined by at least one “Like” or “Comment” on a post’.

The higher the engagement, the higher the possibility of having people interested in what you’re selling. As simple as water.

The last step when considering influencers is looking at their reputation. If they are considered crooked, dishonest stooges they won’t be good ambassadors for your brand-new invention. Plus, never forget that people will associate them with your company’s image. So, even if it seems obvious, never underrate this analysis, it’s definitely crucial. Pay attention and be clever!

Live product launch

Even if it could seem an old and outdated idea, an in-person product launch can definitely make the difference. An event which allows the customer to see, touch and discover the product will create a deeper brand-buyer connection, reinforcing brand awareness.

Other than that, let’s face it… who doesn’t like being involved in a free, tasteful, free, amazing (did I say FREE?) walking dinner?

This is what will make your customers feel important and happy, leading them to trust you more and, of course, to more likely buy what you’re showing them. So, if your budget doesn’t shut you down, do not forget this passage and choose your next event venue!

Ok, that’s it! These are the seven key steps to take consideration when setting up a powerful product launch campaign, I hope they’ll help you in your new adventure. Trust the process and never give up. It’s your turn, let’s use them!