And again Proximus did not disappoint their guests during the eventorganized in our room of event Docks Dome.

This year’s event “Got talent party” welcomed 400 people in our event hall. By the entrance all the guests received a welcome drink while enjoying the decoration of the entrance hall, which for the opportunity was decorated with big bright billboards.

Around 7:30 pm all guest could enjoy a beautiful buffet. The guests were served by a team of sexy hostesses in dresses with trays. They were walking through the room to distribute some zakouskis and the canapés, cocktails and champagne.

The decoration, was a statement itself, the Proximus team had placed a “MINI” car which was being used as a Gin baras well as a food truck. And not forgetting not to mention the wonderful the sound and light produced in the room.

The guests were delighted by the show which followed with “Got Talent acts”, the dance floor was set on fire by the show of the group “The Amazing Flowers”. The guests danced up to the night end.

You can find the awesome pictures of this event on our site, section pictures.