Discover Docks Dome

After several months of innovative design construction, the Wild Gallery staff is proud to announce the opening of Docks Dome mid-May. We have worked very hard on it in order to suit every event possible. Here’s an exclusive sneak peek of what Docks Dome will look like!

From the terraces, you can enter this magnificent venue through its glass doors that offer a nice natural light into the welcome area. There, you will find the lounge area, the welcome desk and the cloakroom. This set up will simplify organization and registration for you and your guests!

The cocktail area will be useful for organizing a welcome drink where your guests will have the possibility to enjoy a nice moment and to warm up before entering the main room.

The wide main hallway, connected to the lounge and the two terraces, will guide your guests to the main hall via multiple doors. This area can also be used for a reception or a walking dinner before your conference or any other type of event.

In the actual event room, you can adjust Docks Dome however you need it to be; yes, it is possible! Dark blue velvet hangings will help you create 1, 2 or 3 zones for different purposes or atmospheres. Let your imagination run wild in this black box: there are so many possibilities thanks to its 10 meters high ceiling and concrete floors.

And that’s not all: Imagine hosting a conference… on a 14 meters wide projection screen! Even at its maximum capacity of 1400 guests, no one will miss a bit of the event.

Now what makes it so unique is that we own 3000m² that you can adjust in 3 zones (A, B and C) and holds up to 1400 guests, 2 panoramic terraces of event space and an outstanding modern architectural design. We do have a list with 12 completely different caterers, that are used to work in our event hall. However, you are free to choose another caterer for your event if you so desire. Docks Dome may use the underground parking with 1700 spots.

Last but not least, let us show you what our new project will look like. Click here to see some exclusive 3D visuals from the inside of the venue.