Record Bank reorganized on of his services in Record Credits. An important event which was to be announced like it should be, with an adaptation of the communication. A kick-off event with a positive spirit, focusing on continuity, stability and with familiar faces. White Rabbit has no equal for a perfect balance of celebration and communication, which earned him to be solicited as a partner for this event.

Close to the headquarters of Record Bank, the guests were welcomed in Docks Dome, fully coated in the style of the house of Record Bank.

After the reception came the big moment. Several members of the direction have made a speech, after what the public was able to discover the new logo, revealed in a spectacular way by choreography and several special animations.

After: time for relaxation. The curtain opened in the diner zone, fully coated in the new style of the house. All the old elements had been relooked to get up to date of the new entity Record Credits.

A launch that did not miss its effect!

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