DELA celebrates the New Year with White Rabbit!

After a fantastic 80th birthday, for which White Rabbit had created a fairy forest for the 600 staff, Dela again chose White Rabbit as a partner for his annual New Year party.

Dela’s staff was greeted in a festive atmosphere at Docks Dome, a brand new event room on the rooftop of Docks Brussel with breathtaking views of the Brussels Canal and the Royal Palace gardens.

After the reception, guests were invited to a plenary session for a series of presentations and speeches evaluating the year 2017 and reviewing the ambitions for 2018.

After the effort, comfort: a word that White Rabbit knows how to make sense. The guests were greeted with style in an impressive room all dressed in white.

Some eye-catching details, large vases and hanging flower arrangements, created the ideal ambience.

After a hearty cocktail dinner, the excellent DJ gathered everyone on the dance floor for a great evening. A fantastic way to begin the year 2018 !

Do you also have something to celebrate with your company? Contact White Rabbit via or 09 233 05 14.


Publised on Eventnews 08/02/18