Une nouvelle salle d’événements à Bruxelles (EventNews)


Located on the rooftop of the shopping district Docks Bruxsel, Docks Dome is a unique event hall that will completely alter event conception. The edifice stands out from any other venue in the capital: its innovating and daring design makes it one of the most appealing venue in the city.

The Wild Gallery staff is now also the Docks Dome team! After the success of the Wild Gallery, Nathalie Kockaerts, who runs the team, goes into a new challenge: Docks Dome. This brand-new venue will open mid-May 2017.

Docks Dome and its two panoramic terraces overhang the WilleBroek canal and offer a breath-taking view on the Laeken’s garden and its greeneries, as well as the Atomium.

The Wild Gallery team now proposes 3 000 m² available for rent from early May this year. Bookings already go strong and visits come one after another all day whereas the venue hasn’t even officially opened yet.

What does Docks Dome have to offer? To get to the terraces, you will need to take the lifts from the underground parking lot. A goods lift, that can support the weight of a car, is also available for suppliers from the loading quays. This is ideal for your car launches for instance.

Once you go out of the lift, you arrive on the first terrace, the one with the view on the city and on the curves of the Dome. The alley between the lifts and the event hall is sheltered by a glass roof. The walls of the welcome area are partly glass which offer a natural daylight.

About the room, the walls are covered with night blue velvet sound-proof draping. The room is 950 m² and has a mezzanine with a perfect view on the whole room.

The room is entirely equipped with a sound, video and lights package (79 spotlights, 32 loudspeakers, 2 microphones, projector 4k) by ADC. You will also find a 14 meters’ large screen and a 14m x 3m podium. The venue is adjustable into 3 zones, that can host between 100 and 1400 persons.

This new modern venue is easily accessible by public transports: bus 58 and trams 3 and 7 will drop you off right in front of the building. By car, take the ring exit 21.

Docks Dome offers a great advantage: there is no mandatory suppliers! Any clients willing to organize an event in our venue will get to choose the caterer they wish, with no commission or cork fee. This feature worked perfectly for the Wild Gallery and is now available for Docks Dome.

If you wish to rent Docks Dome, you’ll get the possibility to organize parts of your event in the shopping center Docks Bruxsel. An action can take place in specific zones of the shopping district, before, during or after your event. An incredible visibility for your brand!

Docks Dome is the place to host your event of all kind in Brussels and is only waiting for you! For more information of if you wish to visit this exceptional venue, don’t hesitate to contact Nathalie Kockaerts by phone +32 486 43 43 32 or by e-mail at nathalie.kockaerts@docksdome.be

Source: Eventnews (24/04/2017)

Docks Dome
Boulevard Lambermont 1
B-1000 Bruxelles – Belgique
Tel: +32 486 43 43 23

Nathalie Kockaerts
Development & Event Manager
Tel: +32 486 43 43 32