Your own caterer during your event at Docks Dome !

« What are the benefits for the caterer when choosing for Docks Dome? » Our biggest strength is that we do not ask for commission and cork money. While organizing your event, you are entirely free to choose your own providers. In addition is the Docks Dome near the Ring 21: no more traffic jam coming from the city center! The place is easily accessible by public transport, your guests will be able to easily find this beautiful location that is ours. In extension from the fact that you are free to work with your own caterer, we can gladly recommend you a caterer with whom we have already worked. We have a wide choice of them, specialized in all types of meals and budget.

In fact, the new event room, Docks Dome, offers the opportunity to you to choose your own caterer for you events. There is no restriction at this venue, you won’t see any additional fees nor corkage. The location has a space especially reserved for food provider. In this zone, you can find water, electricity and all the necessary security standards.

Your suppliers will be able to access this new room thanks to a freight elevator which is located near the unloading area. Effectively, the caterer won’t have any difficulties to reach our event room thanks to the easy access of the Docks Dome in Brussels, which is located near the Laeken domain and not far away from the Ring 21.

We have already worked with lots of caterer in the past and would be delighted to recommend you if you should still hesitate about which caterer to take or even if you are not sure to take one or not.

In this case, we just need to know some information about the type of meals you are looking for (hot, cold, buffet, dinner, Indian, Mediterranean, African, Asian food…) and the budget for it. Receiving a caterer in this wonderful place will make your event one of the best you have ever create and will delight your guests.

Located on the roof of the shopping district Docks Dome, you will be amazed by the space which is surrounded by a zinc envelope which offers incredible natural lighting provided by its large bay window . The fact of being near to the Laeken gardens, the view on the sailing docks of the channel and the opportunity to catch sight of the Atomium balls adds a certain value to our room which also offers a unique panoramic view on Brussels.
Thanks to all modern forms of transports that the Belgian Capital offers (train, metro, trams, bus, car, bus), it is very easy to access the venue for the guests. If they might prefer taking a cab or renting a bicycle or a car, the location allows you to park car on one of its 1700 parking lots.

Due to its 3000 m³ of surface with 3 modular zones (a,b,c) and its capacity to welcome till 1400 people and its two panoramic terraces of 1500m², you will be sure to enjoy an unforgettable and perfect moment in the Docks Dome.

Caterer, companies, private persons, guests… we are waiting for you !