It was Docks Dome’s honor to be chosen as the perfect venue to welcome 160 clients of the age-old company Saint-Gobain for their yearly event: the worldwide industry leader in the domain of sustainable living environments.

The evening’s program included a presentation during which the guests were acknowledged for their confidence, their presence and loyalty, and the year’s achieved goals were pointed out. In another part of the rooms, 4 inflatable domes could be found in the corners, in which workshops and group sessions were organized.

QuickSpace is our experienced partner when it comes to inflatable domes, which can be used for several purposes. One example is to use them to accommodate your guests in smaller groups for different types of workshops.

During this yearly event the guests were immersed in a warm atmosphere dominated by lights in red shades, were carefully orchestrated by the event agency TBWA: Magma Agency.

TBWA is one of the 10 best advertising agencies worldwide, and they  had the honor to receive multiple awards from big fairs and awards shows around the world, such as Cannes Lions, D&AD, Clios, Effies, Webbys and even the Emmys. The widely known company implemented all their creative ideas in different activites for this event.

The guests all had the change to feast on the delicious food Food Lovers, self-made caterer since 2012, provided.